Birth & Soul- We are now in Uptown!

img_1509As educators at heart, we have loved being invited into your homes to provide education for pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

Today we bought our own furniture to welcome you and your families into our new physical space.

We have been nurturing our small business and have come to a place where the best way to serve families is welcoming you into our new home.

On December 1st, Our new uptown location will be opening to serve our clients. We will be offering Childbirth Education with small group classes, providing an intimate and inclusive classroom experience for families. In addition to our childbirth education classes, we will be offering customized classes that we feel best prepare you for birth, baby and beyond. For a list of our current offerings please visit us here.

We can’t wait for you to join us.

Birth & Soul is located at 3515 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis 55407.  Our location is just 4 blocks off the beautiful Lake Calhoun (Bde Maka Ska) with both on and off street parking.


How do you doula?

So many people have asked us about our partnership, that we thought our first blog post was the best way to spill it all!

We LOVE birth. We like hospitals, birth centers and living rooms, we love water births, land births, surgical births and medicated births. We love watching families find the right way for them. Most of all we LOVE supporting you and watching you become parents.

We love it so much we found ourselves working 50-60 hours some weeks. Overnights, weekends and early mornings, days and evenings……. We were there.

We also love our families. We missed our kids. We got so used to the phrase, “unless I’m at a birth”. So did our kids. We missed birthdays and concerts, weddings and sick days. We were so invested in supporting families that it came at a cost to our own.

There had to be another way…..

We love doulaing together. So SO SO often, families would find us independently and hire us together. We doula the same way, we care the same way. We want your birth to be uniquely yours, with evidence based choices, and without bias or opinion. We were asked again and again to work together or have families chose one of us for the other’s back up. We knew that our clients were smart and wise, and that there was a reason they kept putting us together.

There seemed to be a way……

Not everyone doulas the same and that is why we believe there is a perfect doula for every family. Every doula has a philosophy, and most likely they like to share it if you ask. Over a year ago, as we drank coffee together and discussed our growing businesses, we found that our philosophies were IDENTICAL. That we both believed so strongly in a person’s ability to instinctually know what is best for them that with support, wisdom and information they would be able to know their choices and feel good about making them. That every birth was amazing, and special and honorable.

That was our way…..

Everything we have done so far in our birth careers has led us to this partnership. Sometimes we had to laugh at how often we were put together. But we sought out our own information, wisdom and instinct and chose to join together.

We know now that we can whole heartedly doula this way. That our clients will get the best of us and that our own families will too as we find balance. We are still just as passionate about supporting you and your family, we now just have a partner to share it with! We are immensely proud to have this collaboration and thank you for your amazing support in its birth.


– JoLynda & Ellee

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