Delayed Cord Clamping? Here is the latest.


A new American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG)  committee opinion came out this month on delayed umbilical cord clamping after birth. There hasn’t been a significant standard change to the policy of clamping at 15 seconds for DECADES! (seriously, it changed in the 1950s!)

Despite many mother-baby friendly hospital’s best practice of delayed cord clamping, ACOG has been slow to make an official recommendation, citing lack of research. In Committee Opinion Number 684, published January 2017 they finally updated their opinion to delay umbilical cord clamping for full and pre-term infants for AT LEAST 30-60 minutes after birth. You can see the opinion paper here.

This is still is a different standard then we see from other professional  organizations. For example, The American College of Nurse-Midwives still maintains a recommendation of  clamping 2-5 minutes after birth, and our friends over the pond, The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, set their recommendation at 2 minutes.

So what does that mean for you and your baby?

Hopefully, this standard will change the need to request delayed cord clamping at your birth. However, policy changes can take time to implement, and its still worth having the conversation with your care provider. If you have a provider that has in the past been less than excited to adopt new standards of care, the ACOG release and opinion helps provide the evidence based information we all like to have to use best practices!

As doulas, we love providing you with the most current, up to date, evidence based information from across the world, for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. If you are looking for someone to join your birth team, you can find us at Birth & Soul.



New Beginnings, New Year

We began this year in a whirlwind. Our space that suffered delay after delay FINALLY was ready for us to move in and welcome families. We have so enjoyed hosting consults and meetings with you, our beloved clients. We love sharing a cup of tea with you and listening to your hopes and dreams as you welcome new life.

The beginning of the year also brought a buzz of new babies! Back to back sometimes, welcomed into the arms of such amazing STRONG, loving parents. We loved bearing witness to your families growing and cherish being welcomed into your birth spaces.

We are getting into the groove of practicing from our space. It’s odd. After running individual practices out of our homes, coffee shops, and plans over kitchen tables, seeing our business birth into a new space was scary, overwhelming and thrilling. We are so happy to see it grow, and each person that visits breathes new life and joy into the walls.

It’s good to be born.

We are starting out the year with some events that we would love to share with you!

We have our New Baby, New Year parent group. It’s casual, come as you are. If you are expecting or have a new baby, we would love to see you. The next one is Monday, January 30th from 10:30-noon. Stop by during that time to visit, ask questions, and relate with other parents. Or just have a warm drink, a donut and some encouragement. We would be so happy to have you.

Birth & Soul also just started offering small group Childbirth Education classes. Our classes are non-judgmental, evidence based and inclusive.  Because of small group sizes, we tailor them to your unique families and want all to feel welcome and included. We want you to feel safe, empowered and informed as you look forward to your birthing time!

We post classes and workshops on our site, and many of the free events on our Facebook page. We would love to see you.